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Автор Тема: Morrowind Animation Kit  (Прочитано 9612 раз)


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Morrowind Animation Kit
« : 17 Февраля, 2011, 20:20:42 »
Morrowind Animation Kit

Автор LizTail
Сайт http://www.liztail.com
Ссылка на скачивание

Эта программа может заменять анимацию у персонажей и NPC.


1. Установить Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
2. Установить AnimKitSetup
3. Распаковать новую анимацию в папку Morrowind/Data/Animation
4. Запустить Morrowind AnimKit UI
5. Нажать на "rerun setup", если не появилась анимация
6. Поставить галочку возле Enabled
7. Применить изменения, нажав Apply Anim Mods.

Цитировать (выделенное)
A mod USER can:
Download animation mods that replace different animations for your character and normal NPCs, and mix and match them as you like.
Before this, just changing one animation would mean that you'd have to download a file that overwrote ALL your animations. So it would be impossible to use the jump from one mod and the attack from another. Now you can easily use them both at the same time, if you or someone else formats them as animation mods (a certain folder structure with one special text file in it that has information about the mod).
Change any race from a beast to a non beast.
Before this tool, in order to make a beast race a non-beast so they could wear helms and boots and use the normal animation, you would have to sacrifice the animation of the tail and go to a bunch of trouble to create a special frozen tail. No more! Now you can just uncheck the "beast" box in the elder scrolls construction set. I have an ESP file that does this for download.
Disable mods if you don't like them and go back to what you had before.
Again, downloading an animation mod used to mean overwriting files. Now the files are stored in separate folders and a tool processes them based on your preferences, similar to being able to turn ESP files on and off. So if you have 3 mods and put in a new one, you don't have to worry that the new one will overwrite any files from the other two and make it so you can't go back to the way you had things before.
A mod MAKER can:
Make clothes that use the tail bones.
Previously, if these clothes were equiped by a non-beast, the game would display errors. After running these tools, those errors should be gone so now you can make clothing that moves with a tail like a cat costume or tail armor or whatever.
Distribute much smaller mods without worrying about conflicts, and personalize them so people know where they came from.
The player animation files were around 3 MB, so if you wanted to make a small edit, you'd have to send a huge file, and to make it worse your mod would overwrite anyone else's animation changes. Now that's no longer a concern. You also get to personalize your mod by editing the special text file called AnimMod.xml. You can name your mod, put yourself as the author, and add a version number and date so that people know which one they have. You can also add a description and even a custom icon so people can pick your mod out from the list more easily when they're reviewing the mods they have installed.
Split big multi-animation KF files into smaller single animation ones.
Love the jump animation from a total animation replacer, but don't want to use anything else from it? You can use split to take that big KF file they sent out and slice it up into one per animation like the way Oblivion's KF files are set up. Now just look for the KF file called "jump" and put it into a new animation mod folder.
Merge small single animation KF files into big multi-animation ones
Want to make an NPC with certain animations from animation mods? You can put all the animations you want the NPC to have in a folder and then merge them together into the single-file format that NPCs use.
Preview the animation in a folder full of KF files by applying their animation to a NIF file.
Want to look at what an animation someone told you to download would look like before you use it? You can use the preview tool to create a NIF file for each animation that can be opened and played in NifSkope. To some degree you can also open the files in 3ds Max or Blender, and a single animation will open much much faster than the big 3MB file with 205 animations.

Getting Started

To install the kit, extract the ZIP file to your Morrowind folder and then run the setup_anim_mods.exe program in the Data Files\Animation folder by double-clicking it. I know the program looks ugly and DOS-like, but it only asks you one question (whether you use my Unique Shadow Pack mod) and you can always run it again if you change your mind.

Next, you'll probably want to run fix_anim_errors.exe. This program will search through all your other mods to make sure that any animations they contain are compatible with this program. If it fines any that aren't it will fix them.

You can run fix_anim_errors.exe as often as you want. If you ever download a new mod that causes some errors that mention animation or bones to appear while playing the game, then running this programs should clear them up.

If something gets really messed up, or some errors just won't go away, you can try running setup_anim_mods.ese again as well. Be aware that this will restore all your mod settings to the default. You may want to back up your AnimModList.xml file before doing this.

After running those programs, you're ready to go. You can now start using animation mods, or enable the ESP files that come with this mod which swap your races between beast and human or change the dancing girls to beasts.

Only enable the ESP files you want to use! They aren't required!

You'll also have a sample mod in the Data Files\Animation\dancing_girl folder which lets you make all NPCs ocassionaly dance like strippers. ...yes it's weird, but it was the easiest example mod I could make =x It is disabled by default.
Using Animation Mods

Installing or changing your animation mods consists of two steps.
1. Copy the new files to your Data Files\Animation folder. It should create a new folder there specific to the new mod.
2. Run the process_anim_mods.exe program in the same folder.

When you run the process_anim_mods.exe program, your new mod will be found. If it was made right, it will be added to your mod list and activated automatically.

After you press enter, a page will open in your web browser showing you exactly which mods you have in your list, the order they are in, and whether or not they're enabled.

If everything looks good, answer Y to the next question, and the program will work for a while. When it's done, you're ready to play! All your animation mods have been processed according to your settings and the final animations will be saved to a place where Morrowind can find them.

Well, what if you don't like the order or you want to disable a mod and see what it looks like without it?

I thought about making a bunch of menus in my crappy console program with numbered options that you could respond to one step at a time like you were talking to a voice mail system, but in the end I decided it would be easiest to just have people edit the XML file.

An XML file is just a text file which you can edit in Notepad. XML is like HTML in that there are words between angle brackets called tags which have special meaning to the file. For example, <mod> is a mod tag.
Your list of mods is contained in AnimModsList.xml in the Data Files\Animation folder. Inside you will see a very simple list of mod tags. Want to change the order? Just change the order of the lines. Want to enable or disable a mod? Just change the enabled attribute on that line to no or yes.

AnimModList.xml in Detail

This file resides in the Data Files\Animation folder and it is used to specify all the mods you use and the order they appear in. Here's an example:
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <mod folder="another_mod" enabled="yes" />
    <mod folder="dancing_girl" enabled="no" />
    <mod folder="base_anim" enabled="yes" />

As you can see, there's a root AnimModList tag with a bunch of mod tags in between. Each mod tag represents a single animation mod, and has two attributes, folder and enabled. The folder attribute contains the mod's folder name. These folders must all be within the Data Files\Morrowind folder. The enabled tag determines whether a particular mod is enabled or disabled. Mods that are disabled will be ignored by the process_anim_files.exe program when building the final group of animations

You don't need to add mods to this list, process_anim_mods.exe will do that for you when it finds a new mod. The only time you'll ever want to edit this file is when you want to change the order your mods are processed, or disable or enable a mod.

process_anim_mods.exe will start at the bottom and work it's way up, adding new animations at is goes. That means that if the mod in the dancing_girl folder and the mod in the another_mod folder replace the same animation, then the animation from the another_mod folder wins. If you want to change this, you can just change the order of the lines in the XML file so that the dancing_girl is on top.
Advanced Tools

There are also some more advanced tools meant for mod makers in this archive. I will only describe them here briefly since they walk you through their usage when you run them.

This program takes one of Morrowind's big multi-animation KF files and splits it into a bunch of individual KF files. This is useful if you have and old animation mod that requires you to overwrite all your animations, but you only want a particular animation from it.

This program takes a folder full of single-animation files and merges them back together in to one big multi-animation KF file. This might be useful for making NPC animation files.

This program will run through a folder full of KF files and generate a NIF file that contains a character skeleton and shadow along with the animation from each KF file. This is nice to get a preview of what a particular animation looks like since you can open them and play them in NifSkope and see the shadow animate if you make hidden objects visible. It also might be useful for importing animations into Blender.
Mod Format

Mostly you should be able to just figure out how to set up the animation mods by looking at the example ones created by setup_anim_mods.exe, but for anyone who's hungry for more detail, or wants a quick start without having to open up any files or poke through any folders, this is for you.
Folder Structure

As was mentioned earlier, each animation mod has a special folder structure, which is illustrated below:
  + Data Files
     + Animation
        + mod_folder
           + male
              - animation_file.kf [file]
              - another_animation_file.kf [file]
           + female
              - animation_file.kf [file]
              - another_animation_file.kf [file]
           + beast
              - animation_file.kf [file]
              - another_animation_file.kf [file]
           + argonian
              - animation_file.kf [file]
              - another_animation_file.kf [file]
           - AnimMod.xml [file]
           - mod_image [file]
        + another_mod folder

To put this into works, there is one main mod folder for each mod within the Morrowind\Data Files folder. This folder is named with a short name that describes the mod. You can set the mod's full name when you edit the AnimMod.xml file, which is described in a later step. You can see, though, that this file is one of the only two files in the main mod folder. The other is an image, which you can use to customize the way people see your mod in the HTML list that process_anim_mods.exe generates. All the actual animation files are stored in sub-folders with special names

Each of these sub-folders corresponds with one of the main animation files that Morrowind uses. animations in the male folder will apply to all characters of non-beast races unless they are specifically overridden in the female folder. animations in this folder apply only to non-beast female characters. Similarly, the beast folder holds animation that apply to all beast characters unless they are specifically overriden in the argonian folder. Files in this folder only apply to Argonians, and override any identical animations in the beast folder.

If your mod does not need to add any new animations for a specific sub-folder, then you can leave that sub-folder out.

Something to note is that if you re-name a sequence to another valid sequence name, such as renaming Death1;.kf to Death2;.kf, the animation data inside will automatically be converted from refering to the Death1 animation to refer to the Death2 animation. So this is a really easy way to change animations around just by renaming the files.

Finally, to create a valid animation mod, you need an AnimMod.xml file. Here's an example:
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <name>Standard Animations</name>
    <author>Bethesda Softworks</author>
    <date year="2002" month="5" day="1" />
    <description>These are the standard animations that come with Morrowind.  They are always included at the bottom of the stack and can be modified by mods that are added above them.</description>

You can pretty much just copy and paste this whole thing and then edit the data between the various tags. Their names should be pretty obvious, but so I'll just mention a few.

The version tag holds the revision of your mod so that people know whether they have the latest one, but it doesn't have to be a valid number, it can be any text you want, so something with multiple decimal places is okay.

The image tag points to an image file that represents your mod. It should be 100x100 pixels and you should put it in your mod's folder.

The layer marks whether your animations are layers or full animations. A layer animation is one that is intended to be mixed with the animation that comes from below it in the stack of mods. So say you want to make an animation that changes how the tail moves, but you don't want to worry about the rest of the body. You can make animations that only have animation for the tail, and then mark your mod as a layer mod by putting yes in this tag. Then your tail movements will be applied without changing how the rest of the character's body moves. The rest of their body will move as if your mod was not enabled, but the tail will animate as you've specified.

Hopefully the rest of the tags are pretty straight-forward. Happy modding!
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Re: Morrowind Animation Kit
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Re: Morrowind Animation Kit
« Ответ #3 : 18 Февраля, 2011, 17:38:39 »
Удобно. Меняет анимацию, если, конечно, оная установлена.


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